Research Projects

Applied agricultural engineering based on aerodynamic analysis, collaborating with experts in related fields:

Gas, aerosol and disease dispersions in local atmosphere

Bio-production system containing living organisms

Environmental controls in agricultural structures for plants and livestock

Wind erosion measures and windbreak design

Heating and cooling loads of agricultural building

Application of new & renewable energy to agriculture

Fluid dynamic analysis for agricultural structures

가축사육시설 유형별 미세먼지 발생특성 구명 및 인벤토리 구축

Characterization of particulate matter emissions from livestock houses and establishment of an emission inventory

2019.01.01 ~ 2021.12.31

국내 농업유래 암모니아 배출 인벤토리 구축을 위한 배출계수 및 변동성 수렴모델 개발

Study on ammonia emission inventory establishment in agricultural sector

2019.01.01 ~ 2021.12.31

농약의 대기 중 비산 메커니즘 및 환경 유해성 규명

Investigation of the mechanism of pesticide drift in the atmosphere and harmful effects on the environment

2019.06.01 ~ 2024.05.31

공기유동해석에 의한 차량소독 시스템의 방역 효율성 개선 연구

Aerodynamic study to improve the efficiency of livestock vehicle disinfection systems

2019.02.01 ~ 2021.10.31

비의도적 농약오염 예방을 위한 노즐, 장비 성능평가 및 살포 규격 설정

Evaluation of nozzles and equipment for prevention of unpredictable pesticide contamination and development of pesticide application guidelines

2020.01.01 ~ 2023.12.31

융·복합농산업화 모델 구체화 및 기본 구상안

2019.04.05 ~ 2019.09.30

Natural ventilation rate calculator based on computational fluid dynamics

2013.08.07 ~ 2015.08.06